Stephen Garcia Speaks On His Release From The Montreal Alouettes

Stephen Garcia, Montreal Alouettes, ReleasedStephen Garcia Released By The Montreal Alouettes

Former Gamecocks quarterback Stephen Garcia has officially been released from the Montreal Alouettes, of the CFL. Garcia spent one season with the Canadian club as a reserve quarterback behind the legendary Anthony Calvillo. Garcia spent the majority of the season on the injured list and didn’t see any action for the Alouettes during the 2012 season.

The Montreal Alouettes were questioned via Twitter on the status of Stephen Garcia’s roster spot and confirmed his release from the team.

Montreal Alouettes, Twitter

We caught up with Garcia, and in a text message to The Meat Locker, Garcia said.

“Things just didn’t work out in Montreal. We got an entirely new coaching staff and they brought some new guys in. I think it may be beneficial for me in the long run, because I can now work my ass off down here (in Tampa) and give the NFL one last shot.”

Former head coach and the man responsible for giving Garcia a chance in the CFL, Marc Trestman, left the Alouettes in the offseason to become head coach of the Chicago Bears. Trestman once recruited Garcia out of high school while coaching at NC State and saw the potential that the former SEC quarterback had. He brought the former Gamecock north of the border with the intent of giving him a shot in the CFL.

After Trestman left for the NFL and entrenched starting quarterback Anthony Calvillo was signed to a two-year extension, the writing on the wall became clear and Garcia’s chances of seeing the field became more and more unlikely.

Garcia is currently back in his hometown of Tampa, working at a law firm and spending his off-time training and working with up-and-coming quarterbacks at the Josh Cooper Speed-Strength School. Garcia told us that he plans on devoting the upcoming season on training and giving it everything he’s got with the intention of landing on an NFL roster.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on Stephen Garcia as he continues his pursuit of playing professional football. Best of luck No. 5…  once a Gamecock, always a Gamecock.

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